written by Jari on 19:47
What’s the difference between Dirty Bomb and Extraction?
In short, the game's the same. Fun fact: Extraction was Dirty Bomb’s original name and the reason we didn’t stick with it for the Closed Alpha was that we weren’t sure if we could secure the worldwide trademark for it. We're confident we can achieve this with Nexon's help, so we’ve decided to go with the name we’ve always wanted for the game.

Official site: Homepage

More info can be found here:
Blog About Extraction.
written by Paul on 12th Jul 201316:38
It took a time, but here it is, at last! We proudly present to you: Call of Duty 4 at TrackBase. Fully supported by serverlists, server filtering, player profiles, server tracking, clan registrations & much more!

In the coming weeks we will be fine tuning Trackbase at every possible way to increase the user experience and make Trackbase social.

As for Call of Duty 4: if there are any feature requests, bugs or anything else you may want to share: please do so!

(Oh by the way, here is the link:

written by Poseidon on 25th Feb 2013 16:0716:07
With the PS4 officially unveiled the message is quite clearly, “Your move, Microsoft.” Or perhaps it’s, “We seem to have lost our console. If found please return contact Kaz.” I digress. Whether they like it or not, people are now looking to Microsoft to see what rebuttal the company will have in the form of the next Xbox.

Sony’s shown off most of its party pieces with a new controller, plenty of titles to look forward to, some impressive technical specs and a host of features to make you more connected to friends, the community and just generally add a host of unique functionality to your gaming experience. It’s all great and I suppose we’ll see just how well it works out come the end of the year when the console is released but you see what I mean, right? Microsoft has their work cut out for them.

The rumours end now, at least that’s what we told ourselves, and next-gen is now official. It’s time to start looking to what the future of console gaming has in store and what the architects of that future – Sony and Microsoft – will do to shape it. That sounded far too melodramatic and possibly a tad trite but let’s roll with it.

So the question is, what should Microsoft do with the NeXtbox or Xbox 720 or whatever? What should they call it? What should it’s technical specs be? Should it get a new controller or backwards compatibility? What about changes to Xbox Live and the way you interact with other players? What of the launch titles? Perhaps a new Halo, probably a fresh Gears?

There’s a lot to talk about. You can pick on one area or go all out and type us a thesis on Microsoft’s contender for next-gen. It’s up to you. We want to know what you think should be done in terms of the next Xbox.
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