written by Paul on 7th Sep 201417:15
Over the last period the activity and development iterations from our side dropped significantly. We now want to give a new boost to TB, servicing our users well and get activity started like never before! :P We'll need some new fresh troops for that, and that's why we need you!

We're currently looking for 2 to 3 additions to our awesome team. There are a few requirements to join, which are the following: we do not have a strict age limit, but 18+ is preferred. You'll also need to have decent understandable English. If we have multiple applicants and we're in doubt which one to pick, the ones with fluent English will be preferred. We're not simply looking for support staff at the moment. This means that if you're just applying to register clans or do rate transfers, we'll not take you in. We also need to be able to contact you. Therefore, if you haven't got xFire, there will not be a chance for you to join our team. Apparently you need to be active as well. If that's not given, there's no sense in applying. But we look forward to hear from you.

What we need at the moment is talents. Preferably graphics artists, people with knowledge of user interfaces and other personal that can make some fancy shit. If this doesn't suit you directly, not a problem! We're also looking for writers for tutorials, content contributers and checkers. This will require some smarty brains, so if you have know how to edit an image to resize it, know what a zip file is and have some dedication, you have a chance! If you think you have anything special that could bring you into the team, please attach that to your application.

Cya on the fields soldier!
With love

Paul & Staff
written by Jari on 19:47
What’s the difference between Dirty Bomb and Extraction?
In short, the game's the same. Fun fact: Extraction was Dirty Bomb’s original name and the reason we didn’t stick with it for the Closed Alpha was that we weren’t sure if we could secure the worldwide trademark for it. We're confident we can achieve this with Nexon's help, so we’ve decided to go with the name we’ve always wanted for the game.

Official site: Homepage

More info can be found here:
Blog About Extraction.
written by Paul on 12th Jul 201316:38
It took a time, but here it is, at last! We proudly present to you: Call of Duty 4 at TrackBase. Fully supported by serverlists, server filtering, player profiles, server tracking, clan registrations & much more!

In the coming weeks we will be fine tuning Trackbase at every possible way to increase the user experience and make Trackbase social.

As for Call of Duty 4: if there are any feature requests, bugs or anything else you may want to share: please do so!

(Oh by the way, here is the link:

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