written by Paul on 27th Apr 201500:09
This morning, the disks in the TB server ran to it ends and gave up. After a long trip to the datacenter today the disks were replaced whereafter recovery could begin.

It took quite some hours to set everything back up but it seems most of the systems are back online. If you spot anything weird please let us know.

We've invested a bit to get some new quality disks. Donation's are appreciated :)

The site should also be a bit more responsive again. Data from this morning was recovered so anything before that is saved. If you've played during the day, those sessions are unfortunately lost.

Happy fragging!

written by DRiVJ on 24th Apr 201512:00
Hey guys we are giving away 100 ( equivalent to 1 month premium status. ) Trackbase points to 1 selected random user.
If you would like a chance to win, comment below on what you'd like to see added to trackbase!

Winner will be annouced on 4-26-2015.

So what can I do with my points?
  • Buy or extend your trackbase premiumship
  • Advertise on Trackbase

For every 1 point you spend your banner will receive 250 views.

What are the benefits of premiumship?
  • Premiumship Status (Shiny badges and stuffz)
  • More slots for your buddylist!
  • More slots for your favorite servers!
  • You can reserve more names!
  • Access to the Trackbase Premium board - a secret place on the forums for you premium guys!
  • More Albums to create and more Pictures to upload!
  • (ET) Directly view serverchats on the Trackbase serverinfo page
  • (ET) Directly view serverchats on the Trackbase serverinfo page

Regards, VJ*
written by JoNny on 20th Feb 201514:41
Hello TrackBase community, fellows and visitors,

we would like to announce a little new feature as it has been requested a by almost 2/3rd of the voters.
It is called 'status updates' and with that information given you probably already know how this is gonna work.
However, we would like to introduce it to all the guys out there who are not familiar with status updates yet.

We have put them on your profile page. You can locate them by clicking this link (please make sure you're signed in - otherwise simply click on your username on the ET homepage).
You can then see a box with a textarea, it is your input field. Type in the message you'd like to share and hit submit. Be aware of the minimum and maximum which is 10 and 800 characters.
The browser refreshes and with a bit of luck you have posted your super important message.

You don't like the message you posted? You can still delete old status updates. Therefore visit your archive.

Important note: Only your latest status update will be published on your profile.

If you want to see more / older updates of a user, you can simply follow him (subscribe).
Therefore hit the 'Subscribe to xx's status updates' link.
Back on your profile there's a link to your new status updates. You can see all the updates posted from your subscriptions.

To remove a subscription (unsubscribe), you can hit a link on the subscribed user's profile itself or unsubscribe from the 'list of subscriptions' page (link to it is on your profile page itself as well).

Please note that all status updates from that user will not show up in your 'Subscription updates' page anymore after you have unsubscribed.

I guess that's all for introducing this little new feature. We are working on implementing this feature more into our main home page so you don't have to click a few links to see new status updates. I hope you all will like it and have fun with it.


Next there's another small feature that lets you access Server pages easier and even faster.
With Server Shortcuts, server admins can now apply for a shortcut in THIS THREAD. Then their server can be accessed through a shortcut instead of remembering the serverID. As an example I have this server (FA Beginners). It is hard to remember the server ID but now everyone can access it through

Another positive thing about this new feature is that if the server may be removed automatically from Trackbase because of some downtime and the server will be added again after some time, the ID usually changes. However, we can then re-assign the server shortcut to the new server ID. Thus the server will be accessible through the old, well known shortcut.


If you want more features like that, please give us feedback on Twitter, Facebook, via the forums (reply here) or vote for it in the current poll.

You want to see something different? Please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or simply vote for the thing we should do next.


Next to announce is that we have published a new feature that let's you guys request TSP for a TSP-capable server. Probably many of you have already noticed it but there have been some bugs with it from the beginning.
We fixed them and now you can only request TSP for a server that also supports TSP. This means the request link will no longer be available to ET 2.60b servers or similar but only to ET 3.00 servers.

Besides it will also not be visible if somebody has already requested TSP for this server. So don't ask yourself why you can't request TSP, there is just someone who was faster than you.

We will review all requests and decide whether or not to enable TSP for that specific server. There might be servers that are known for cheating or do cause other similar problems which will then not make it to the 'TSP-enabled servers' list, though the customary case will be that we will enable TSP for the server.

Please also note that we will not enable TSP for outdated ET 3.00 servers. Currently the latest version is ET 3.00 - TB 0.7.1. Do not request TSP if the server version is lower than that.

All server admins who support ET 3.00: Please update your servers if they are outdated. This will fix issues, give you more security, more features and lets us track more data with TSP.


Last but not least we'd like to tell you guys that we actually have a Google Plus page up and running. So if you're a G+ user, go ahead and follow us on our official Google Plus Trackbase Page!

We will post anything Trackbase- and game-related stuff and keep you up-2-date with latest news and important notifications there.

In general TrackBase will go more into social networking again and update its status on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .
Follow us on FB,TWTTR & G+ to get all the important information and to participate in talks and winning contests.


Last paragraph here: Please if you like our new updates, reply here, tweet us or whatsoever and give us feedback. Tell us what you think of the new stuff we published. We'd love to hear from you!

The Trackbase Team.
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